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The Bulk Food Depot in Athens, OH was established in August of 1997 with the indispensable help of Gary’s brother John Wells who built fixtures, helped find suppliers, and coerced his friends to shop with us.

Gary had, for several years, shopped at JOAD foods in McConnelsville and at The County Cupboard in Lancaster and loved the idea of bulk foods, with the savings and the expanded choices locally packaged foods can offer.

Dany, now half of Bulk Food Depot, came on the scene in 2003. She was looking for “Bread Flour”. Later after returning to Sweden, where her children still live, she decided that King Arthur Artisan flour and Gary were possible good choices. She then embarked on a mission to become Mrs. Wells, and, lucky for me, here we are.

Since then, Bulk Food Depot has become a partnership, and we have evolved, and learned, and become healthier, we now offer much more than just bulk food. We offer “Healthy Food” in the form of whole grains and seeds, beans and rice and just about any herb or spice you might want.

We do not try to play doctor. We do not offer herbal remedies or dietary supplements. We believe that a balanced diet of fresh vegetables, whole grains, whole grain rice, and beans, with a minimum of animal food products will provide a healthy, feel good life style.

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