• 0.4 cup All-purpose flour

  • 0.4 cup coarse rye flour

  • 0.4 cup sunflower seeds

  • 0.2 cup pumpkin seeds

  • 0.2 cup flaxseed

  • 1 pinch salt

  • 0.8 cup hot water

  • 0.2 cup canola oil or sunflower oil


  • Flake salt

  • Sesame seeds



  1. Heat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Take two large baking trays and a roll of parchment paper.

  2. Add all the dry ingredients to a bowl. Stir well, then tip in the oil and water. Stir well and use your hands to form a compact ball if needed.

  3. Place a sheet of parchment paper onto a large surface and place half of the dough on top. Cover with another sheet of parchment paper, and flatten the dough into a large and thin rectangle using a rolling pin.

  4. Remove the parchment paper on top and transfer carefully the flattened bread with the remaining inferior parchment sheet into the baking tray.

  5. Lightly score into pieces with a sharp knife if you wish. You can also sprinkle additional flaky salt over.

  6. Repeat the same with the other half of dough.

  7. Place the trays in the oven and bake for 20 minutes. Swap the trays around and bake for 20 more minutes, until golden (but not burned!).

  8. Let cool and break into pieces, or crack along the scored lines with a heavy knife.